Accounting software review

Accounting software review

Invest in the right solution based on a tailored accounting software review

Reviewing accounting software for your business is a time consuming task. Choosing the right solution involves many decisions. For example: Which capabilities are required? Should the application exchange data with other applications? What level of external financial expertise is required? A solid preparation for the selection procedure is needed. A proper review can only be made based on the right criteria. Spend the time and energy necessary to ensure your investment in accounting software remains worthwhile for the years to come.

The supply side

There’s a huge variety of organisations offering all kinds of accounting (software) services. Ranging from basic bookkeeping services to accountancy firms and consultants to software developers. To simplify your search, Select has assembled a list of the leading accounting software suppliers in the UK for you to review.

The costs involved

Investing in an accounting system goes beyond a one-off investment in software licenses. It will also involve implementation costs, migration costs, training costs and annual maintenance fees. With the current shift to accounting systems solutions in the cloud these costs are pooled into a monthly fee. In this way, the costs are evenly distributed over the time the software is used.

Industry specific solutions

Accounting software specifically developed for your industry might have some interesting benefits compared to generic systems. Very often these specific applications come at a higher price and find it hard to keep up with the latest developments. Modern generic applications always live up to the latest standards, have proved to be very flexible and capable of covering most needs.

Your accountant

Obviously, consulting your accountant is a smart thing to do in this proces. Very often, they can provide you with some useful tips and advice. In many cases, it’s relevant your accountant can access the application. If this is the case, the number of applications you can choose from is limited to the range of applications your accountant supports. Unless you want to chance accountant of course.

Capabilities needed

The accounting system features checklist on this website can be a good starting point to decide on your requirements list. Make sure to distinguish between nice to have capabilities and need to have capabilities.

Select’s accounting software review

When you request a free accounting software information pack, you will gain access to Select’s online accounting software review tool based on the aforementioned checklist. You can use this tool to compare the accounting systems represented on this website based on the features you require.