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Aqilla combines all of the features and tools you need to be an effective and successful finance professional.

Since the launch of Aqilla's cloud-based finance and accounting platform, which Gartner describes as “Next Generation ERP”, the company has seen year on year growth, propelled by an ever-increasing demand for a modern approach to finance that is always current, always accessible and that provides functionality to suit multiple levels – and types – of users across today's ever-changing organisation.

Aqilla is well-equipped to meet a variety of challenges, in a world that has embraced change at a rate that has become almost impossible to keep up with. Utilising the benefits of a cloud-native solution, Aqilla’s software has seen numerous and frequent updates that have been instantaneously rolled out to the entire user-base, with next to no downtime (Aqilla’s uptime since inception is at 99.9997%), at no extra cost and without the need for a single IT professional to ensure the smooth implementation of these updates.



Aqilla Limited

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