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•What is Business ByDesign for Finance?

It is a cloud-based Finance system with built-in business analytics, proven ‘Best Business Practices’ and consolidation. It manages all of your key Finance functions including:

  • All the multi’s – division/company/legal/fiscal/country/lingual
  • Its guaranteed to be legally and fiscally compliant in all the standard countries (21 so far, implemented in 89)
  • Already fully mobile- iOs/Android/Microsoft-for free
  • Fully integrated to eXcel automatically downloading data, logic and Pivot tables
  • Extensible into:

    •   HR
    •   CRM
    •   Supply Chain
    •   Procurement

Designed for small and medium businesses, Business ByDesign for Finance enables you to: streamline operations; streamline processes; and Increase profitability.

You will benefit from a 360-degree view of your business, and be able to quickly identify and act on areas for improvement and innovation with the Built-in analytics, Configurable dashboards and Integrated metrics.

Because it is delivered in the cloud via a secure internet connection over a standard Web browser, you don’t need to buy any additional hardware or pay for maintenance costs. For a manageable monthly fee, you can have the functional depth of a large-scale finance management solution without the need for a costly IT infrastructure.

Business ByDesign for Finance is a single, comprehensive system which also gives you the flexibility to start small and switch on additional functionality as you grow.