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PS Financials is a leading provider of core Accounting, Purchasing, Budgeting, HR, Payroll, Asset Management, Customer Engagement and Reporting Software to over 4,000 organisations in 58+ countries. Our customers range from not-for-profits and SMEs, to large international brands with incomes ranging from £1 million to over £200 million per annum. 

A fully integrated system which manages, analyses, stores and backs-up all types of data. The system enables efficient and time-effective, streamlined processes across all of the PS Financials portfolio. We deliver fully maintained and unrivalled reporting, producing the EFA, Statutory, Charity, Governor and Management reports, and provide support for complex accounts.  

With a direct relationship between the customers and the software author, users benefit from a tailored approach which harnesses vital functionality required. Developed for the growing needs of all organisations, PS Financials uses its unified ledger architecture to provide powerful analysis and business intelligence, coupled with instant consolidation, process automation and ease of use through a secure, cloud-based system. 

PS Financials Ltd

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